Payment Policy

All accounts are payable upon receipt of statement and are considered delinquent if payment is not received by 11:59 PM on the 30th of the month. All monthly “base” fees are due and payable in advance; “per call” and "operator time" charges are automatically tabulated and then billed in arrears. Past due accounts are subject to any and all collection and/or attorney fees accrued for necessary collection processing. All accounts are subject to a 3% per month finance charge “late payment fee” on any outstanding balance, or $10.00, whichever is greater. Any account past due 60 days is subject to termination without notice and will require a $75.00 reactivation fee once the account is in good standing. Rates and/or terms of service are subject to change upon a 30 day written notice to the client. All sales / payments made via our secure online form are final.

Note: Any answering service is highly dependent on human decision making and in the course of a day a multitude of human decisions are made; sometimes these are "gray area" decisions. Errors can be made. Although Always On Call’s error rate is far below the industry average, we are not liable for lost profits or consequential damages due to miscommunications, staff error, equipment failure or other factors that contribute to less than perfect results. 

Questions regarding your statement should be only directed to Gerald, Ellen, or Gerald, II by calling (800) 974-5197.

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