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Hire for Success, Train for Excellence

Your reputation is your greatest asset and we recognize that fact! As the first impression for your business, Always On Call has an extensive hiring and training process for every employee. We look for character, compassion, and professionalism before we factor in the typing speed of a candidate. For example, integrity is a core value that cannot be taught. Therefore, candidates undergo up to three interviews with pre-employment testing before being hired. Having the best individuals to represent you is essential as your customer service partner. Our culture and mentorship is such that we strive for employees to consider a career with Always On Call, versus “just a job.” Regardless of position, all employees must agree to and sign a confidentiality agreement and successfully complete tele-receptionist training.

We have perfected our training process, providing extensive onboarding and constant evaluation to ensure every call is handled to the client’s satisfaction. The first four weeks is an extensive training program with an assigned trainer in which tele-receptionist trainees focus on the basics of taking an accurate message. During their training, trainees will be assigned calls in which they must master the skills of professional etiquette, verifying the spelling of the caller’s name, confirming the telephone number(s), and documenting accurate message information. Tele-receptionists are assigned calls based on their skill level and must graduate before moving on with the use of a proprietary internal LMS (Learning Management System), videos, role playing scenarios, classroom training, and quizzes to ensure understanding and compliance of policies and procedures. Individuals must demonstrate proficiency of skills and knowledge before progressing to a different skill level, which are assigned based on client requirements. Every employee must also satisfactorily pass mandatory HIPAA compliance training.

ATSI Award of Excellence 2020
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Continuing Education

As an Award of Excellence recipient, Always On Call’s standards for excellence in call handling are instilled in every call regardless of tenure or position. In addition to random auditing by the Canadian Call Management Association, National Amtelco Equipment Owner’s Association, and the Association of TeleServices International, Always On Call has an internal quality assurance team that randomly audits and grades calls for every employee. Employees are evaluated regularly and provided with feedback on performance. Ongoing training of new clients or updated protocols helps ensure all employees are current on account changes and protocols. At Always On Call, training never ends – even our most senior employees are monitored and provided with daily feedback to ensure optimal performance.