Property Management

Property Management

Offering 24-hour service is essential to our real estate and property management companies. We handle call overflow and after-hours emergencies with professional tele-receptionists when you can’t be there to answer the phones yourself. Based on your directives, we dispatch the emergencies that need handled immediately. All other calls will be delivered how you direct, either sent directly to you or expertly handled by our operators.

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Live Voice Answering

We do more than just answer telephones. Our team is trained to appreciate and understand the importance of first impressions.

Message Reporting

Immediately receive message summaries via email or fax at no additional cost to you.

24/7 Service

Our services are customized to the unique needs of your business, which may be utilized on demand, after hours, 24/7, or to complement your office and management staff.

Award Winning Service

Your callers, clients and prospective clients will receive service that is routinely recognized by industry experts as best-in class.

Property Management

Even when no one is available to pick up the phone, calls can still be answered by a live person who represents your real estate firm or property management company in a professional manner.