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Call from a widow

The story below is a real call account from an Always on Call answering specialist. Names are hidden for privacy purposes.

I had a death call this morning from a woman who had just lost her husband. As we were ending the conversations she said through tears:

“I wouldn’t like to have your job – doing this all the time, but you were very very helpful. Thank you.”

Not all answering services handle funeral home calls with the level of care that we have been trained to. Hopefully, none of you have had to call a funeral home about a loved one and had an experience that felt like you might as well have been ordering cable. I have, and I can tell you it can make a bad day feel very lonely.

Most of the time when we take family death calls, we get little response from the callers and that’s ok because it’s not about us, it’s about their needs. It’s important to remember though that as difficult as some death calls may be, when we handle them with compassion it is meaningful to the family, even if they rarely express it. 

Live Voice Answering

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