“Always On Call is the only answering service that cares about my clients the way I do.”

- Attorney Harvey Garod

“Thank you and your company for answering our phone so well throughout the years!” 

- Rodney Sayles, LFD

“You do a great job!”

- Paul Lamontagne Oil

“Everything works great!”

- Forest Glen

Extending Your Business One Call at a Time

Did you know that 70% of callers that are unable to reach a live person will hang up and call your competitor?

Always on Call Sales Infographic Image

Always On Call is an integral extension of your business when you are unable to answer the telephone personally.

Always On Call isn’t “just an answering service.” In fact, most callers have no idea they have reached an answering service unless they ask or you have instructed us to inform your callers. With our exceptional communications, advanced technology and personalized training, we are capable of emulating your staff at your discretion as if we are working along side you in your office. However, as your partner in customer service communications, we never call out sick and we are “Always On Call” for you!

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A Quality Customer Experience with Every Call

We believe a quality customer experience starts with you. However, you don’t always have to be the one to answer the phone. While it takes a high level of experience, technology and training to recreate the level of customer service you provide, we can make it happen. Our people and processes make the difference, and best of all, we give you that same great service too.


Answering Your Business Needs

We have implemented customized telephone answering programs for all types of businesses across the country with great success. Every business can benefit from an expertly designed telephone answering service. Meeting your business needs is our calling!


Answering the Call: Our Company Story

Family-owned and operated since 1992, Always On Call was founded by a funeral director and his wife, Ellen, who wanted a caring person on the line to represent their business. Unable to find an answering service that could perform to their high expectations, Ellen began answering calls to provide the compassionate service they had been searching for. Soon, others heard about her exceptional phone manner and wanted to hire her for their own business.

The family realized there are many businesses and organizations out there that need more than your standard answering service – they need customized solutions by a provider who cares. Always On Call was created to provide just that!

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