Funeral Home & Livery Services

Our story began with answering phones for funeral home clients, making it a special area of expertise for Always On Call. It inspired us to create a better answering service and understand the complex and sensitive nature required to take such calls. We understand these calls should be handled differently. You can trust us to care for these calls with the same attention to detail and professionalism as you would yourself. Our staff is trained to provide obituary information such as calling hours, services, and florists. We do not require you to submit the information through our website or using a special form. Simply carbon copy us when submitting the obituary to the newspaper or we can link our system to your website. Directions to the funeral home or cemetery can be given at your discretion and we can provide callers with any other information you would like.

Answering calls and dispatching for the transportation industry takes a unique and qualified team. Our team has the experience and expertise to keep things running smoothly for your transportation business. Trust us to handle the inherent complexities of your business.

Medical/Health Care

Our customized answering service and accurate dispatching services ensure that patients feel confident in your care. We are sensitive to the needs of your patients and protective of your reputation. Our team is certified in HIPAA confidentiality compliance, which is integral to our customers in the medical and healthcare industries. We also offer miSecure, a HIPAA compliant app for you to receive your messages. Because of the care and compassion, we offer to your patients, they may not even realize they are talking to a remote answering service.

Property Management

Offering 24-hour service is essential to our real estate and property management companies. We handle call overflow and after-hours emergencies with professional tele-receptionists when you can’t be there to answer the phones yourself. Based on your directives, we dispatch the emergencies that need handled immediately. All other calls will be delivered how you direct, either sent directly to you or expertly handled by our operators.

Trades and Services

Excellent customer service is our top priority, and this is especially true when answering for our clients in the trades and service industry. We excel at asking the right questions, taking accurate messages, and quickly dispatching the necessary information to the appropriate parties. It is critical that your business is well represented with every call. Serving as an extension of your business, you can rely on us to keep things moving forward so jobs stay on schedule. As a result, customers will appreciate your responsiveness and service, never knowing it’s not your in-house team on the line.

Professional Services

When dealing with highly sensitive issues, confidentiality and integrity are key. You can trust our experienced, well-trained team to handle such calls with expertise and professionalism. We work under your direction, so calls are handled according to your specifications. You can count on us to take accurate messages, provide appropriate responses, and know when to dispatch calls directly to you, per your instruction.


Hospitality is a 24-hour a day business that is open 365 days a year. By partnering with us no matter how busy your business becomes someone can answer your phone. Whether the volume is high, or the staffing is light we can accommodate your needs. Our customized programs make it a seamless process you can switch to on and off as needed.

Local and Government Agencies

Depending on your office’s function, around the clock phone coverage could be critical to the public. We ensure there is a professional, well-trained voice answering every call. Our team will know the answers to caller questions, as expertly as if your own staff were handling the call. We’ll dispatch your calls or messages to the right person at the right time. The government never sleeps with Always On Call handling the line

Environmental Services

Feel confident on the job knowing that a qualified professional is handling your calls. We excel at asking the right questions, taking accurate messages, and quickly dispatching the information to the appropriate parties. Serving as an extension of your business, you can rely on us to keep things moving so jobs stay on schedule.