Activating Call Forwarding

Pick up the line you want to forward.

Dial 72#

When you hear dial tone, enter the call forwarding number Always On Call has provided you with.

When the phone rings, wait for a Tele-receptionist to answer. Let him/her know you are forwarding your telephones. Please provide on call coverage information if necessary before hanging up.

Deactivating Call Forwarding

Pick up the line that had been forwarded.

Press 73#

When you hear dial tone, enter your call forwarding number or the number to the direct check-in line.

A Tele-receptionist will answer to give you your messages.

Call forwarding no answer is a feature available from your phone company in which you define a set number of rings a call will ring in your office prior to transferring to Always On Call. We highly recommend enabling this feature for 3-4 rings as a backup in the event you forget to transfer your telephones or step out of the office suddenly. This feature should NOT be used as an alternative to traditional call forwarding as we endeavor to answer every call by the 2nd or 3rd ring.

Problem: You try several times to forward your lines, but the telephones are still ringing at your location.

Solution: Sometimes the forwarding process does not complete due to issues with the phone company or an incorrect key being pressed. Pick up the telephone line and dial 73# to remove any programming on the line. Hang up and start the forwarding process again.

Problem: When you try to forward a line or when deactivating call forwarding, you hear a fast busy tone.

Solution: This tone usually indicates that the feature you are trying to use is already enabled. Hang up the phone and use the opposite command. For example, you try to forward your phones and hear a fast busy. This indicates the line may already be forwarded. Use the 73# command to deactivate the forwarding, hang up the phone and start the call forwarding process again.

Problem: You want to verify that the forwarding is activated and ringing at the correct number.

Solution: After forwarding your telephone line to Always On Call, pick up another line and dial your business number. You should hear only one ring in your office and then the line will be answered by a Tele-receptionist at Always On Call.