Peace of mind

Your business is unique and having a partner understand your needs is critical for the first impression experienced by your callers. 

Customizable Solutions

As an expert in customer service, we are able to design a personalized solution to meet your needs – whether you are looking for services after-hours, during business hours for over-flow calls, or 24/7 to allow you to focus on what you do best.

Our Technology & Security

Always On Call’s infrastructure is designed with business continuity in mind. Hosted servers in the Microsoft Azure cloud ensure data security and redundancy, while our telephone and call handling system is the best available: an Amtelco Infinity. Designed and utilized by hospitals worldwide for emergency calls and critical services, you can be assured that Always On Call partnered with a vendor that has 24/7 dedicated support and an entire backup infrastructure available in the event of an emergency. Our own IT department is on-call 24/7 to mitigate any risk of downtime with both on-site and cloud-based servers. Multiple internet connections at each office, including fiber optic for telecommunications to ensure both redundancy and failover connectivity.

Access control systems to gain entry at each office combined with secure user logins ensure HIPAA compliance and client confidentiality. In fact, our call centers are secured and off-limits for public access. Special consideration was taken to maintain operations in the event of inclement weather by selecting geographically reliable locations for the redundancy of technology and human resources. Uninterrupted power and generator systems are automatic and maintained with service contracts by our vendors. Always On Call is set up to ensure our system stays online. In fact, we can serve as your back-up in the event of a storm or other disaster.  In addition to having a structurally secure building adjacent to Southwest Florida’s largest medical center and newest trauma center, our Fort Myers offices maintained internet connectivity during Hurricane Irma and served as a fully functional shelter with food and supplies for our team members and their families.

When our clients have entrusted their telephone calls and communications to Always On Call, since 1992 we have taken every aspect of this responsibility seriously.